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Where and when is the conference taking place?

The conference will taking place on December 6th, 2017, at the Lago Events Venue, which is located on 6 HaMeah v’Esrim Street at Rishon LeTsiyon (Link to Google Maps).

Registration and networking will begin at 9 AM, and the conference will end at approximately 6 PM.

Getting there by:

  • Private vehicle: search in Waze for “lago events” (or simply click here from your smartphone).
  • Bus: take one of the following Egged lines: 6, 7, 8, 21A, 71, 95.
  • Train: take the Israel Railways train to Rishon LeTsiyon Moshe Dayan Station.

Where do I park?

The complex includes a free parking area which you can use throughout the day.

Why should I attend Next Case?

Next Case is the biggest digital marketing case studies conference in Israel. The talks and the speakers are hand-picked by us, and all speakers know they’re expected to deliver effective and helpful information, which participants can later use in their work.

Special note for our visitors from abroad: some of the talks will be given in English by leading experts from international companies.

According to our holistic approach, all digital marketing channels are connected to each other, and being a digital marketing expert means understanding (at least) a little bit of everything. For this reason, Next Case encompasses all digital marketing fields: SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, CRO and more.

How is Next Case different from other digital marketing conferences?

  • No videos of the conference will be available: In contrast with other conferences, people who do not attend Next Case will not be able to watch videos of the talks following the conference. All the materials presented at Next Case are confidential.
  • No generic theories – only real case studies: Speakers will be presenting only real case studies. Each case study will include the initial situation, the challenges faced, the actions taken and the final results. This way you can learn what works and what doesn’t.
  • 20-minute talks, only practical info and actionable tips: No buzzwords or fluff – you’ll only be hearing detailed analyses from professionals who come from the field, with the goal of learning from their mistakes.

Who’s in charge of Next Case and who do I contact if I have questions?

Next Case has been produced by the Angora Media Group since 2013. Angora Media is comprised of several digital marketing companies, including content services provider Servula, local digital marketing agency Alpinist 301 and international agency 3 Door Digital. The CEO of Angora Media is Pavel Israelsky, who founded the popular digital marketing blog AskPavel.

For any questions about the conference, please contact us using the Contact Form.

Will there be enough time for networking?

Most digital marketers understand how crucial networking is. Top-quality conferences always allow time for meeting other professionals, brainstorming together, developing collaborative projects and even finding new clients. The unique format of Next Case, where talks are especially short (20 minutes), and breaks are given every 2-3 talks, makes it possible to devote a lot of time for both networking and taking breaks. While doing so, guests will be able to enjoy a spacious, comfortable foyer offering drinks and refreshments.

I’ll probably get hungry at some point. What about food?

Aside from sweets, snacks and hot/cold/alcoholic beverages which will be served all day long, guests will also be enjoying a gourmet, chef-cooked kosher meal during the lunch break.

I’m looking for a digital marketing job, is this the right conference for me?

Next Case is a great opportunity for job hunting. Last year, many companies showed up at the conference with the purpose of looking for talented new recruits.

Is Next Case for experienced digital marketers or for beginners?

Next Case offers two tracks: the Technical Track (for advanced online marketers), and the Strategic Track (for marketing managers and business owners, and focusing on more general, less technical talks).

What’s unique about Next Case is that all talks are based on actual case studies. This format makes it easier to understand what actions are required to get from A to B. Each case study also includes the final result: leads, conversions, traffic, etc. – which means audience members do not have to be experts on digital marketing. According to testimonials from our previous events, anyone who has a slight understanding of digital marketing can find the talks valuable and adopt at least one tip that will significantly impact the way they work and think.

Who’s the target audience of Next Case?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners: Small and medium businesses who don’t necessarily understand technical jargon but do have a general understanding of marketing. The conference can help them in opening up to new directions and learning about effective business tools.
  • Digital marketing agencies: SEOs and marketers who work in digital marketing companies and provide services for other businesses. This conference will help them improve their marketing approaches and learn new methodologies they haven’t tried before.
  • In house marketers: In-house marketers who work in the marketing department of their organization/company.

Is purchasing on this website safe? What are the methods of payment?

Making a purchase on the Next Case website is completely safe and secure. Registration is handled by Bizzabo, a leading event tech company. The registration form is protected by an SSL protocoal, which encrypts the information provided to the website by users and protects their privacy.

We handle most of the credit cards:

Credit cards

Do you offer coupons or group discounts?

The only discount we offer is for those who purchase the discounted Early Bird tickets.

What am I going to see at Next Case?

Next Case presents numerous case studies from all digital marketing fields, e.g., SEO, PPC, media buying, social media marketing, content marketing and community management. Some of these case studies will be presented in English while others will be presented in Hebrew.

Can I cancel my ticket?

You can cancel your ticket within 48 hours of the time of purchase and get a full refund. After that time you can transfer your ticket to someone else up until 5 days prior to the event. To register someone else under your ticket, send an email via the Contact Form titled: “Transferring Ticket to Another Person”.

The ticket seems expensive, why should I still come?

  • Calculation of pricing – the price of the conference includes several crucial components which make it impossible for us to lower it. The size and location of a venue that can hold up to 1000 people, the catering service, top-quality speakers and so on.
  • No compromises – the best has its price and we’re not willing to compromise for what we’re offering the guests of this conference. After last year’s success, we’re obliged to provide you with at least the same quality, if not better.
  • An investment, not an expense – We encourage you to look at Next Case as an investment instead of an expense. Next Case is a one-time opportunity for getting unique, valuable information from leading experts and large companies, information that won’t be available anywhere else (as shooting videos during the conference is forbidden). The talks given in the conference will not be available afterwards, so those who attend it will be gaining a great advantage over those who couldn’t make it. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to see and be seen in a super-professional environment relevant to your career.


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