How Deleting Over 1,000 Pages Boosted Our SEO

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Website status before:
A once top-ranking site with thousands of visitors per month started to drop and lose its rank in search results.

The actions we took:
Using enhanced SEO content and backlink optimization techniques, we identified over 1,000 pages to delete. We analyzed these pages to identify potential risk and reward. Any pages with SEO value (backlinks or traffic) weren’t touched, all the rest – deleted.

The website’s status after:
The site’s rank started to rise, and now it has the most keywords since its inception, ranking in the top 20 results. The crawl rate’s increased, allowing Google to improve dwell time (crawl budget) and focus on our most important pages.

Track: Technical Track (agencies, hands-on marketers) Date: 6 בDecember 2017 Time: 10:45 - 11:15

Case study field:

Matthew-Tenney-Nextcase Matthew Tenney

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