How a simple survey generated 100,414 leads, $2 million in payments and headlines in Inc. and Fortune

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Over 3 million freelancers and small business owners globally choose Payoneer to receive payments from their clients.

Our desire was to reposition Payoneer from a company known as a payment provider to one that propels global growth and provides added value to talented employees from all sectors who want to leverage and grow their business. To do that we created a survey and distributed it among our clients, for the purpose of generating a report that provides a hourly wage standard for all types of internships, based on data such as background, age, education, etc.

The survey, which was distributed on various channels – Facebook, Exit Intent on our website, PR, hello bar, etc. – went on to receive over 20,000 replies.

It helped us generate over 100,000 new leads from 89 countries, which led to 9,063 new subscriptions. In addition, it revealed that the dialog with our clients provides us with great content that can serve marketing purposes and lead generation, which can later be converted by CRM. Later on, we adopted this approach again when reaching out to other target audiences.


Track: Strategic Track (managers, business owners) Date: 6 בDecember 2017 Time: 15:30 - 16:00

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Content Marketing Email Marketing
Jonny Steel Jonny Steel

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