How we increased organic conversions by 85% just by great teamwork

One of the great challenges at a well-known company like Outbrain is getting organic conversions that have nothing to do with the brand name. Before starting the optimization process, organic conversions (excluding the brand name) had been 27% of the activity on our organic channel. Without adding to the budget, we brought together Outbrain’s leading teams from Israel and abroad and performed the following actions:


  1. Landing page optimization – updating content continuously while tracking user behavior using heatmaps and clicks
  2. Strategically changing the way we address our target audience and addressing a more advanced audience
  3. Raising the awareness of all Outbrain employees about the importance of the organic channel and how they can contribute to its success
  4. Customer support team – sending the customers to designated landing pages that encourage sharing content on social media. Using content has also helped us in minimizing customer support inquiries.
  5. Social media team – creating a strategy for every social network and shared leading pages.
  6. Creating designated landing pages for the traffic generated by the activity and leading clients to advertising on the Outbrain platform
  7. Search engine advertising team – promoting landing pages optimized for ads and improving quality score
  8. Advertising and promoting the pages on the Outbrain platform – thus created organic shares and immediate conversions.

And that’s not all!

The result: a sharp increase in rankings, we gained organic shares (which led many websites to link to us naturally) and by the end of the year we reached a rate of 50% organic conversions (excluding brand name conversions).

Track: Strategic Track (managers, business owners) Date: 6 בDecember 2017 Time: 13:30 - 14:00

Case study field:

Social Media CRO SEO
Liraz Postan

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