How we increased organic leads by 20 for a B2B startup using only content

We always hear about companies that don’t believe that content, and distributing content the right way, can help them reach their marketing goals. When startup company Aqua Security was founded, not only was security unnecessary in this sector, but the sector itself had only existed for three years at that point. Experts in the field had already understood that that the virtual container world is the future of complex cloud development systems, but the IT and security professionals could not understand the need for a product that would protect the new development system.

We had two challenges:

  • How could we raise awareness for the necessity of security for virtual containers?
  • How could we differentiate ourselves from the competition, when demand was virtually nonexistent?

Our solution – identifying the right audiences, creating the right content and working hard on social media. Our case study will tell the story of how we created high-quality content for our different personas and what Twitter had done for for us. We will also share the content strategy we recommend you begin your marketing journey with, and the right combination of viral content and content intended for organic distribution.

Track: Technical Track (agencies, hands-on marketers) Date: 6 בDecember 2017 Time: 10:15 - 10:45

Case study field:

Content Marketing
Amit Lavi Amit Lavi

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