How we increased registration by 96% for a client and eliminated 70% of manual work

One of our clients runs a major campaign twice a year in which he sells a large number of workshops that give participants great value and also serve as a selling platform for a long-time professional guidance program. When we met with the client he was exhausted: he had just finished a campaign on which he marketed and sold 18 workshops. For his next campaign, the client wished to double the number of his clients and increase the number of workshops by 66%. It was obvious this process needed to be managed automatically to keep the system from falling apart.

We built a system for the client which would sell a large number of workshops automatically so that every workshop added would hardly add any work, with no manual work overheads. All data about leads went directly to the sales team to follow up on, and the automation processes encouraged clients to purchase the workshops independently. The manual work in managing leads plummeted to zero, making it possible to focus the marketing efforts on a larger number of leads.

The result: Campaign sales went up by 96% while manual work was reduced by 70%.

For the next campaign which is currently taking place, we defined an objective of doubling sales (relative to the previous campaign), and reducing manual work even more, by handling cancellations and changes automatically (we’ve learned from the previous campaign that this was where manual work was still taking place). A quarter way into the campaign, we achieved 30% of our sales objective with the process being fully automated for the marketing and sales team. This type of process encourages the client to increase marketing efforts and bring in many leads: there’s practically zero manual work for each new lead and all leads receive highly personal, highly targeted messages. We are currently working on reproducing this process for other clients, with the goal of reducing management overheads for each client and increasing client value after closing a deal.



Track: Technical Track (agencies, hands-on marketers) Date: 6 בDecember 2017 Time: 15:00 - 15:30

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CRO Marketing Strategy
דודו ציזנר Dudu Zisner

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