How we increased sales by millions, decreased cancellations by 68% and created a new standard

For several years, HYE Group has been one of the top providers and importers for various eCommerce websites in Israel. With annual sales turnovers of tens of millions of NIS, we were looking for a way to innovate, increase the digital share of our business and create a new service standard.

We initiated a move based completely on user experience and the removal of mental barriers for buying online. In only a short time, our sales increased by 39%, our transaction cancellations decreased by 68%, and we created an interesting interaction with our customers, which generated a great deal of information and significantly strengthened customer loyalty in a traditional market known for its low customer loyalty.

What did we learn from all this, and what are we doing next?

Track: Strategic Track (managers, business owners) Date: 6 בDecember 2017 Time: 10:15 - 10:45

Case study field:

Social Media CRO eCommerce
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