How a data-based campaign reduced our cost per lead by 50%

In the past ten years content has become central to any marketing strategy. Today, every self-respecting company invests in content in order to create value for its present and prospective clients, increase traffic to the website and convert this traffic into leads and paying clients.

In the past, digital marketing managers used to have a difficult time convincing executive management of the importance of content; today its importance is clear to everyone. But it is this situation precisely that presents a new challenge: if you invest in content and your competitors do so as well, how can you differentiate yourself from them, and from the vast amounts of content available to your clients? And how can you do that without increasing your marketing budget?

In my position as Head of Content and Inbound Marketing at Teradata Marketing Applications, I led a data-based content campaign that resulted in a large number of high-quality leads at a cost that was 50% lower than the average cost per lead in other campaigns the marketing team had led that year. At the same time, the campaign had contributed to establishing our company as a leader in the mobile field in which we were relatively new; and was featured in over 27 websites worldwide.

At the conference, I’ll reveal how we came to think of this strategy, the steps we took and the results we achieved; as well as some tips on how you, too, can lead a data-based content strategy in your company.


Track: Technical Track (agencies, hands-on marketers) Date: 6 בDecember 2017 Time: 11:30 - 12:00

Case study field:

Content Marketing
Yael Kochman

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