How we successfully optimized 3 Wix websites for search engines

Many digital marketers both in Israel and abroad believe Wix websites aren’t SEO-friendly. To test this, we chose 3 websites of Wix users and helped them optimize their websites. The businesses we chose were an online store selling sound files, a photographer specializing in drone photography and a gym.

For each website we performed the following: keyword research, an audit of the website’s current situation, developing an SEO strategy and implementing the work plan. For each website we chose a specific aspect on which to focus our optimization efforts:

  • For the online store – content development
  • For the photographer – optimizing site structure, design and UX
  • For the gym – local SEO

The case study will present all the actions taken in the process,the initial situation for each of the websites and the final result. It will prove that for each website a unique, actionable SEO strategy must be developed; and that ultimately, Wix websites can be optimized like any other website and that Wix provides the necessary tools for succeeding in your SEO efforts.


Track: Technical Track (agencies, hands-on marketers) Date: 6 בDecember 2017 Time: 14:00 - 14:30

Case study field:

Eitan Helman

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