Put Off Updating Your Customer Onboarding

3 Reasons Not to Put Off Updating Your Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding campaigns aren’t very exciting, which means updating them is easy to put off. This is a mistake.

Onboarding campaigns touch every user at a critical moment in their customer journey. Providing the right messages to the right people at the right times brings a significant boost to your bottom line.

With nearly half a million new customers signing up every month, recent changes Powtoon’s new customer onboarding campaign quickly brought a number of positive outcomes. I’ll cover more at the Next Case 2019 conference later this year. But these high-level insights are just too good not to share. Here are three reasons NOT to put off updating your customer onboarding.

Make Customers Happier & More Successful

The better an experience your customer has with your brand, the better the chance they’ll renew their subscription. Onboarding frames what users can expect from your product, and how you can help them achieve their goals. Consider segmenting your campaign, providing inspiration and instruction that are immediately actionable.

Encourage More Product Use

If customers aren’t using your product, they will struggle to see the value in it (and they’re likely to churn away). Including onboarding touchpoints that push customers to your product helps amplify the value a customer gets from your company. Helping customers use your product more intuitively boosts the value you provide.

Capture More Revenue

This one is simple: The happier your customers are, and the more value they see in your product, the more they will be willing to pay you. Even small upticks in conversion earns you more money from the same customers. In other words, NOT addressing your onboarding leaves money on the table for no reason at all.

What’s Next

Don’t miss my case study at Next Case 2019 conference and book your ticket. I’ll share details about Powtoon’s approach to onboarding, the tools we use, the KPIs we track, and the outcomes we achieved with our revamped campaign.


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