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5 things you should know about Next Case:



Straight and to the point: each speaker will present a a real case study related to digital marketing – the initial situation, the challenges, the actions taken and the final result, so we can assure you that you’ll get an actionable takeaway from each talk.


We put everything on the table: All you’ll hear are detailed analyses from experts who currently work in the field. The purpose is to learn from their experience in order to understand what works and what doesn’t. Someone else has already paid the price in terms of time and money – now you get to enjoy the fruits of their experience.


No fluff: Each case study is 20 minutes long, presented in a succinct, matter-of-fact manner and covers valuable information and actionable tips. When the time is up, the screen will show the words “Next Case” so you can wrap up and get excited for the new case study coming up.


All aspects of digital marketing: the case studies presented will address various types of digital marketing – SEO, PPC, CRO, landing pages, Web analytics, content marketing, etc. – so that each marketer can find helpful information in their niche.


What happens in Next Case, stays in Next Case: in contrast with other conferences, you will not be able to view videos of the case studies presented in Next Case after the conference – the purpose is to maintain authenticity and secrecy.


Who should attend?


Any type of digital marketer with any level of knowledge in the field.

Similar to the previous conference, this year we are also offering a track for business owners and some case studies will  address the challenges faced by small and medium businesses, so that everyone can feel comfortable with their knowledge level.

In-house marketers.
 Digital marketing/SEO agencies.
 Business owners.
 Affiliate marketers.


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