What is Next Case?

Next Case is a day of fun and great value! 24 digital marketing professionals will share their secrets and experiences through 20 minute case studies. What’s in it for them? Exposure and a desire to help others grow. What’s in it for you? Access to new ideas and methods, plus the ability to learn from their mistakes.

Since the first Next Case in 2013, we have seen the event grow, reaching 1200+ participants each year from across the marketing world – Startups, corporates, agencies, small business and freelancers. So, will we be seeing you this year?

5 Reasons to Attend Next Case


The ONLY digital marketing conference 100% based on case studies

Each lecturer will present a 20 minute case study highlighting the challenge they faced, what they implemented and their end result.


We put it all on the table!

No fluff!  Only the learnings and findings from tried and tested people in the field. The main point is to learn from the experience of others and understanding what works and what does not.


The Latest and Greatest

We don’t want to waste your time – from over 100+ applicants  we choose the top 24 case studies aiming to bring you maximum value.


Something for Everyone

With 3 amazing tracks and now one dedicated in English, you can find topics ranging from video marketing to analytics to paid advertising to content marketing and a whole lot more.


Chef. Level. Food.

There’s nothing like learning new and exciting things at a conference whilst eating great food! The Next Case menu is prepared by a chef and definitely isn’t your standard catering (see the menu)


The conference takes place on 11.12.19 in Rishon Letsiyon at LAGO hall. The hall is located on HaMea VeEsrim St 6, Rishon LeTsiyon. Doors open at 9:00 AM and the conference finishes by 5:00 PM. 

By car: Search for 'Lago Events' in Waze or Google Maps
Public transportation: Egged bus lines 8,7,6,71,95,21א
By train: Moshe Dayan Train stop in Rishon Letsiyon

There is FREE parking at Lago, next to the the Yes Planet Cinema

The Next Case conference is the only conference in Israel that features real marketing case studies. The speakers and their presentations are all carefully picked, and every case study presents  useful and actionable information that you can then put into action right away. 

We have a holistic view o marketing, and believe that all areas are connected. As an expert in your field, you should have insight into many different aspects of marketing. That is why Next Case is the only conference in israel that presents case studies on all areas of marketing.

התפיסה ההוליסטית שלנו היא שכל תחומי השיווק באינטרנט מחוברים אחד לשני ובתור מומחה בתחום, צריך להבין לפחות קצת מהכל. מהסיבה הזו כנס Next Case הוא היחידי בארץ שמקיף את כל תחומי השיווק באינטרנט וכל ההרצאות מוצגות באותו אולם – אין צורך להתלבט ולבחור.

There will be no recordings of the presentations: All the presentations are prepared specifically for Next Case. There won’t be any recordings or videos of the case studies, which means that only people in the audience will get access to this information!

There’s no ‘theoreticals’, only actionable case studies: Every case study will feature a marketing challenges, the specific course of action taken to deal with it, and the results. You’ll be able to learn exactly how someone else achieved a marketing success, so you can follow what works and forget about what doesn’t.

We keep it short: Forget long boring speeches. Each presenter had 20 minutes to share their case study, and 10 minutes to answer questions from the audience. That way everyone is focused and you walk away with as much value as possible.

Next Case is run by Angora Media. Pavel Israelsky founded Angora Media, and has been producing the Next Case conference since 2013. 

Angora Media is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in israel and excels in SEO, Performance Marketing and Social Media. The company works with leading Israeli and international brands such as Cafe Elite, Bezeq, Ynet, April, Danziger, Dan and Bradstreet, Next Insurance and many more.

If you work in marketing, then you know how important networking is. The best conferences in Israel encourage you to make new connections in your industry, build collaborations, business relationships, share valuable tips with each other and even find new clients! Because of Next Case’s unique format has a unique format, there is enough time for a break between every 2-3 case studies. That means there’s plenty of time for networking! Next Case attendees will be able to enjoy a comfortable space where they will be an abundance of drinks and snacks while they rest and meet other industry professionals. You’ll even receive text prompts with cues of what to say, and how to get the conversation started.

Besides for all the cakes, snacks, cold and hot drinks that will be served throughout the entire conference, a full chef’s lunch is served in the afternoon for all attendees. You won’t find catering at Next Case, all the food is made by chef Alex Zobeka – one of the leading chef’s in Israel, who cooked for the “Pacific” restaurant in the Crown Plaza hotel in Tel Aviv. (Full menu here)

The kashrut is Rabanut Rishon Letsiyon, (Teudat Kashrut here). There will be vegan meals available at the conference but it is important to let us know in advance so we can prepare the right amount before the event.

Next Case is a great opportunity to look for a job in marketing. Last year 

There were many companies in attendance, looking for quality candidates for key positions. In fact, Webpals even sponsored part of the conference and put together a booth solely focused on the job search.

What’s makes Next Case so unique is that every presentation is a case study! When information is presented in this form it’s easy to understand what actions and tactics are needed to get from point A to B. Each case study also includes the final result – leads, conversions, traffic and etc… and therefore your level of expertise is irrelevant. All you need to do is listen. 

Based off of feedback from previous years, we can confidently say that even if you only have a basic understanding of digital marketing, you’ll find plenty of value in the presentations. Every single person will be able to find at least one tip that will help them improve their marketing tactics.

Business owners: Small and medium sized businesses that aren’t necessarily experts at all things marketing but do have a basic understanding of marketing. This conference can be a push in a new direction and can introduce you to practical tools that will help you generate more business.

Digital agencies and freelancers: Marketers who work for agencies that give marketing services to other business owners. Next Case will help you improve your marketing tactics and expose you to entirely new methodologies that you can use to achieve achieve better results with your clients.

Marketing executives: At Next Case you will learn from other top marketing executives, on marketing techniques and technological tools that will help you take your company to the next level!

Purchases made on the website are 100% secure. Payment is fine through a secure a leading service called iCount. The Sign Up page is protected behind the protocol SSL, allowing the transfer of encrypted information while securing the users private information.

There is an Early Bird Special discount, and speakers have access to a 15 percent discount code to share with their audience.

At the conference dozens of case studies from all marketing areas will be presented, for example: Email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, community management, social media marketing and so much more!

You can cancel your ticket within 48 hours from purchase and get a full refund. After that you can only transfer your ticket to someone else as long as it’s at least 5 days before the event. In order to transfer your ticket to someone else, you must submit a ticket in the contact us section on the website and title it “transferring ticket to someone else”.

In order to create the top marketing conference in Israel, we never compromise on quality . We chose to have the conference at LAGO,  one of the nicest halls in Israel. In addition, all the food is made by chef Alex Zobeka – one of the leading chef’s in Israel, who cooked for the “Pacific” restaurant in the Crown Plaza hotel in Tel Aviv. 

We provide snacks, a full coffee bar, and other exciting treats (like massages!) 

We recommend that you look at Next Case as an investment and not an expense. At the conference you will learn valuable, unique information from the country’s leading marketers. Companies are sharing with you information that you’d never have access to otherwise! This will give you an unprecedented advantage. 

And the connections you will make at Next Case are priceless. Who knows -your next client, employer or collaboration might be sitting next to you. How could you miss out on that?

אנו ממליצים להסתכל על כנס Next Case בתור השקעה ולא הוצאה. הכנס מאפשר לכם ללמוד מידע יקר ערך וייחודי שמומחים וחברות גדולות במשק מוכנים לחלוק עמכם בהזדמנות חד פעמית שלא תחזור על עצמה וגם לא תהיה זמינה בשום מקום אחר (גם לא בווידאו כי אסור להקליט בכנס).

בגלל שההרצאות לא מתפרסמות אחרי הכנס, מי שיגיע יקבל יתרון משמעותי על המתחרים ויוכל ליישם את כל העקרונות מההרצאות בעסק או בארגון שלו כדי לקחת אותו קדימה.

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Prices increase on December 9th


545 ₪

Price includes:

  •   VAT
  •   All tracks
  •   Parking
  •   Full Kosher Lunch
  •   VAT
  •   All tracks
  •   Parking
  •   Full Kosher Lunch