Israel's First Digital Marketing Conference that is 100% Focused on

  •  11.12.19
  •  Lago, Rishon Lezion
  •  09:00-17:00

Join us for the most inspiring digital marketing stories of 2019.
Real, actionable, twenty minute case studies presented by leading marketers.




Case Studies





Who’s spilling their secrets? 😍

They turned a challenge into an opportunity.
Learn from their experience and upskill yourself or your team!

English Track

How leveraging user habits increased our userbase by 20x

שירה וינברג הראל

Shira Weinberg Harel


English Track

How we turned an original publication with over 30k readers into our main source of lead gen

עמית ביבאס

Amit Bivas


English Track

How we promoted a conference that attracted over 18,000 people from 100 different countries

ליז כהן

Liz Cohen


English Track

How we increased conversions by 30% using multiple marketing automation platforms

אביתר יוסף

Eviatar Yosef


English Track

How we improved conversion rate by 30% in 3 months by optimizing our inbound funnel

עודד און

Oded Onn

English Track

How we used local field marketing to enter new markets and grow digital brand recognition

Angie Geffen

Angie Geffen

English Track

How one report drove engagement from 50% of our total addressable market

Eytan Buchman


English Track

How we Boosted Conversion Rate 4X with Video Marketing

Ariel Geifman

Ariel Geifman


Hebrew Talk

How a single ₪100 survey and lottery helped us with our audience segmentation

אופיר רוב

Ofir Rob

Hebrew Talk​​

How we brought 10,000 people to our podcast in 3 months by planning things differently

שרון חלבני

Sharon Halbani

10 דקות על שיווק

Hebrew Talk​​

How I doubled my sales for digital products by using a chatbot and smart list in Messenger

דימה קגן

Dima Kaganovich


Hebrew Talk​​

How we captured the Israeli eCommerce market by using data

Yonathan Ivgi

Yonathan Ivgi


Hebrew Talk

How we created a 60 days customer jorney funnel that increased our sales

יעל פירסט

Yael First


Hebrew Talk​

How we registered 20 students to our new MBA program in less then $15K using Linkedin

ישי כץ - שינפלד

Yishai Katz Schonfeld

הקריה האקדמית אונו

Hebrew Talk​

How we increased our newsletter in 60K users in one week dealing with errors

רון שולויס

Ron Shulois

וואלה שופס

There's something for everyone with 3 unique, separate tracks!

The 'International track' (100% in English) and the 'Technical' and 'Strategic' tracks (in Hebrew)

Don't Miss Out on Early Bird Pricing

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Price includes:

  •   VAT
  •   All tracks
  •   Parking
  •   Full Kosher Lunch

What's so special about Next Case?

This really is an easy question to answer.
Most conferences are full of self promotion and exhausting long panels, right? At Next Case we aim for the opposite. We don't want to waste your time, just provide the most actionable content possible, helping you push your business or organisation forward. Each speaker has 20 minutes to present a practical case study revealing their challenge, the actions taken and the end result.

נגן וידאו

You won't find this anywhere else

Taking photos and videos during the event is strictly forbidden. The materials you'll see and hear are unique to this event.

No fluff, just hands-on actionable strategies

Each case study will present the initial situation, the challenges, the actions taken and the results - in order to see and learn what works.

Great, kosher food prepared by a Chef

You won't find regular event catering at Next Case. Israeli's love good food and we won't let you down. Full lunch & snacks throughout.

Quick talks that are short and to the point

Forget about buzzwords and clichés. You'll hear detailed information given by experts working in the field.

Don't Miss Out on Early Bird Pricing

Prices increase on September 30th


Price includes:

  •   VAT
  •   All tracks
  •   Parking
  •   Full Kosher Lunch

Who's behind the conference?

Next case is produced once year by Angora Media Group, which was founded by Pavel Israelsky in 2013. The unique format attracts more than 1,000 marketers every year from Israel and abroad. Angora Media is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Israel who are also responsible for AskPavel – Israel's largest digital marketing blog.

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